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JMT Petroleum provides the convenience of our keepfull program with the automatic filling of tanks. For will call delivery, you can either call our office or put yourself on the keepfull list for prompt and guaranteed delivery of fuel. Keep Fullmeans customer authorizes the Company to make deliveries from time to time to keep tank full; “Will Call” means the Customer authorizes delivery only upon the Customer’s request; a “Prepay Contract” is a written agreement between the Company and the Customer to sell and deliver propane at an agreed upon price for an agreed upon period of time. For example, if the buffer is full and the downstream requests a value, so that now there is a space in the buffer, the buffer requests two values from upstream — one to go into the buffer, and one to throw away. I will double check, but the idea here is that if the downstream can hold N values and the buffer has size M open, and the strategy is keepFull, then we should demand N + M from upstream so as to satisfy the downstream plus keep the buffer full. Keep Fullmeans that the storage tanks always retain sufficient inventory to satisfy City’s needs and never go dry.

I would expect such a behavior from a concatMap what is a deposit slip where the only limitation is how much hardware resources we can get, although I don‘t fully remember how RxSwift did that, they may also preallocate a buffer actually. “But that is the same result you would get if you just deleted the .buffer line entirely.” – in this example, yes. But if you passed the actual value from Timer, then the first values would be ~0.2 seconds apart, eventually settling to be 2 seconds apart with the buffer, whereas without the buffer they would be 2 seconds apart right away. Swap Agreement Obligations means any and all obligations of the Loan Parties and their Subsidiaries, whether absolute or contingent and howsoever and whensoever created, arising, evidenced or acquired , under any Swap Agreement permitted hereunder with a Lender or an Affiliate of a Lender, and any cancellations, buy backs, reversals, terminations or assignments of any Swap Agreement transaction permitted hereunder with a Lender or an Affiliate of a Lender.

So theoretically if flatMap drains the buffer fast enough it may never reach its max size (that‘s what I meant by explosion). Specifically, in this example, if we passed the values from Timer directly, buffer would accept all the initial results (initial results would be 0.2 sec apart), before getting filled and settling into a steady-state . Net Orderly Liquidation Value means, with respect to Inventory of any Person, the orderly liquidation value thereof as determined in a manner acceptable to the Administrative Agent by an appraiser acceptable to the Administrative Agent, net of all costs of liquidation thereof. External Account is your account at another financial institution to which you are transferring funds from your Eligible Transaction Account; or from which you are transferring funds to your Eligible Transaction Account. Continuing education for myself and my team is a huge priority.

Attention: Small Business Owners

What I mean by that is we offer bookkeeping services for small business owners and training and mentorship for new bookkeepers finding their footing in the industry. The AVH warms the keepfull discharge gases to nearly ambient temperature which eliminates safety hazards as well as saves you time and money on ventline installation and material. The female bayonet on the AVH mounts directly to the outlet of the CryoWorks Keepfull Vent Device. Buffer only supports emitting the elements in the order received .

This includes the original, editable file, as well as a preview version you can open on virtually any device. You’ll get loads of concepts from experienced designers around the globe. A contest allows you to open your design brief to our global community of creative designers. Designers submit concepts based on your needs and you pick your favorite as the winner.


We have a dedicated quality team that ranks designers from Entry, Mid and Top Level. Keepful is a marketing automation app for bookkeepers / accountants. It is done-for-you, prebuilt funnels that makes them look like a real professional in the eyes of their prospects. It sets them apart through professional copy, design and tech stack. The name hints at it “keeps your schedule full” of new clients, qualified leads. The light and flexible liquid lipstick adapts perfectly to the movement of the lips.


Our heater provides an ice-free termination, minimizing safety hazards such as falling ice, water drips, large ice accumulation, and roof damage. The protective outer mesh shields personnel from the high-temperature heater located at the vent. M + rain + mountain We are an Investment Bank, Merchant Bank and Securities broker.


To ensure sufficient inventory, the Contractor shall monitor the fuel in the tanks and maintain the fuel level in a “full condition” or “nearly full” condition as is practical and reasonable under the circumstances. Generally, City requires that tank levels remain at 60% of capacity or above before refueling occurs. Contractor warrants that the products provided and services performed pursuant to this Agreement, either by Contractor or at its direction, shall be rendered in accordance with the accepted practices and standards of Contractor’s profession. Get an uninterrupted, instantaneous supply of liquid with a CryoWorks Keepfull Vent Device. Properly designed systems will incorporate Keepfulls at all system highpoints.

Right now , buffer just stores the values as a plain old Swift array and checks the current size vs the max capacity specified. We may in the future preallocate space, so it may not be a great idea to ask for Int.max. Although, frankly, we’d probably have to special case that value anyway. To fulfill our mission statement, we ease the burden of worrying about your tank levels or possibly running out of product.

Bringing together the resources to support, train, and continue learning creates some exceptional synergy for my clients. We specialize in QuickBooks but offer training in other platforms as well. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, it makes sense to work with an individual freelance designer. In that case, you can search through our designers’ portfolios and find your perfect match.

Our KeepFull Program lets us manage your tank levels to allow you more time to manage your business. It puts the responsibility on us to monitor your tank level and schedule deliveries when they are needed, so you never run out of product. I like to think of Gentle Frog as a customized ecosystem of support, mentorship, and learning for all our stakeholders.

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That is why the other enum, BufferingStrategy only makes sense with byRequest. I said that I was not familiar with the concept of back pressure which Combine‘s flatMap operator is build on top of. A general flatMap which is equally the flatMap with an unlimited demand does not guarantee serialization. I have years of experience with RxSwift and many assumptions about the operators from Combine are derived from there for me. Okay gotcha, it would be great if we had an option where the buffer size is unbound and grows dynamically or ahead when needed .

Our goal at JMT Petroleum is to keep your equipment operating efficiently so you can focus your time and energy on other things.We carry the Phillips 66 Brand of Lubricants. Please call or email our office for any products or special lubricants not found on our website. Issuer Obligations means all amounts and obligations which the Issuer may at any time owe under the 201- Basic Documents, including to the Indenture Trustee for the benefit of the Noteholders under the Indenture or the other 201- Basic Documents. We know it’s hard to find the time to monitor and order your fuel while running a business. Whether you have a fleet of trucks, multiple job sites, a farm tank or your own home, we’ll deliver your fuel to you.


“Reinstate” and “Reinstatement” shall have correlative meanings. If there are immediately unlimited values available from upstream , then – yes – it throws values away according to the strategy. However, if the upstream is producing values at a lower rate than downstream is consuming them, byRequest should not be throwing anything away. If there is some burst of activity from upstream that temporarily puts the rate of receipt above the downstream usage, then buffer + byRequest should be a way to smooth that out. Keepfull accounts are either operated manually with scheduled and/or periodic deliveries, or with electronic tank monitors.

CryoWorks Keepfull Vent Device has an internal mechanical float that drops to allow accumulated gas to vent. Once all of the gas vents, the float rises to seal off the vent orifice. This simple design requires no field adjustments, no sensors, no pneumatics, and no electronics. Here I took advantage of the fact that I knew that your upstream would only have a max of 9 elements and created a buffer to hold all 9. The Sequence Publisher will go ahead and send all 9 to the buffer, since it was created with a keepFull strategy.

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It‘s hard to guess if you just throw a big chunk of code at me. I showed an example upthread that the general flatMap won‘t guarantee serialization. A team of students aiming to use code to stop targeted violence on social media. You’ll get all the image files you need to put your design anywhere.

  • If you know exactly what you’re looking for, it makes sense to work with an individual freelance designer.
  • We provide HIGH-END capital raising services for private companies and their shareholders.
  • What I mean by that is we offer bookkeeping services for small business owners and training and mentorship for new bookkeepers finding their footing in the industry.
  • In other words, when downstream comes along and takes values from the buffer, the buffer will request that number of values from upstream.

Safe feeling thanks to the lipstick that comes off only when you want it. I‘m cool, but you started disagreeing with something I wrote without much context. To me this contra-productive and does not help understanding your point. I don’ like to argue with you, I like to share my own experimentally issued knowledge which could help the others. This is a really useful insight that is not at all obvious from the documentation. I look forward to the day Combine has complete documentation specifying precisely what all its many operators actually do.

Both service models ensure that your fuel will be delivered when you need it without worry. Contact us to set up your tank with our Keepfull Program for daily, weekly or monthly fuel deliveries. What keepFull does is to request values from upstream itself in order to attempt to hold N values in the buffer. In other words, when downstream comes along and takes values from the buffer, the buffer will request that number of values from upstream.

ByRequest makes an unlimited upstream request once, when it receives upstream subscription . You are correct that if flatMap drains the buffer fast enough, it will not reach its max size. By ‘slowly drains it’ do you mean in a FIFO way or LIFO .