6 Best Remote Jobs for College Students

When you scroll on Facebook or search for something on Google, you often come across ads. These are a part of PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing, which is one of the most well-paid https://remotemode.net/blog/10-good-remote-jobs-for-college-students/. Social media marketing is one of the top remote jobs for college students, who use their knowledge of marketing best practices and social media to get desirable results.

  • YouTubers and podcasters regularly pay for this service to repurpose their content.
  • College students who work online jobs need to be self-motivated, organized and good at time management.
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  • Start by looking for the job titles listed in this article, or simply type “remote jobs” and see what’s available.

In the US, workers are putting 42% of that extra time toward working. And that’s fairly consistent across the globe, with 40% of time savings spent on work. Handles customer calls, often for sales, support, or inquiries, from a remote location.

What are the best part-time remote jobs for college students?

For example, online tutors can supplement the education of K-12 students. In addition, you can provide peer support to other college students in your area of expertise. Put your job-seeking skills to use by helping others write or edit their resumes and cover letters. While this is usually more of a gig-based online job, recruitment companies may also hire remote workers to help.

Photography is one of the most popular remote jobs for college students and otherwise. You also do not need any equipment to get started since phones nowadays have excellent-quality cameras, and editing software is easily accessible online. Unless you are working a well-paid photography gig, you do not need expensive cameras or heavy equipment at all. Aspiring coders and software engineers often work on passion projects in their spare time. Coding and website design have always been excellent remote jobs and can be the perfect remote job for college students.

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Remote employers will expect that you’ll be able to get your work done efficiently, even without your boss or coworkers watching over your shoulder. Remote jobs for college students can pay well, be lucrative, and help you get started on the career you have always dreamed of. We live in a time where you can do a lot from within the four walls of your home. Online tutors deliver individual or small group instruction via video chat. They support in-class instruction or help prepare for standardized or admissions tests. With the increase in popularity of online tutoring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is ongoing demand for tutors.

Online jobs will all want to see previous experience on your resume that applies to the role that you’re trying to get. Most want to know that you are conscious about how to translate your skills and characteristics to their position and that you’re passionate about their mission. In your cover letter, consider talking about why you want to work remotely, or your interests outside of work. Remote teams tend to have a greater appreciation for work-life balance (that’s why they offer the flexibility of working remotely), and they want to see that same appreciation in their employees.

Remote workers save up to 80 minutes a day by not going into the office — and many use it to work more.

Consider selling products online through platforms like Etsy or eBay. “The payoff is the driving and the traffic and the stress of being on the road five days per week versus being able to do the very same work and more from the convenience of the hybrid option,” she said. While there’s a stereotype that remote employees work less, many are putting their extra time into working more. Assists in data collection, analysis, and reporting on specific subjects or projects from a remote location. Develops and implements social media strategies to increase brand awareness and engagement. Assists customers with inquiries, complaints, or purchases, often through phone, email, or chat platforms.

You can find plenty of part-time and freelance opportunities helping small companies and individuals design and maintain their websites. Are you looking for a flexible way to make money while chilling on the couch? Check out this list of the best remote jobs for college students to get you started. Offline and online jobs for college students also include teaching foreign languages to others. Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic are quite popular these days, but if you know any other language, too, you can start earning today.

Online Jobs For College Students: 8 Flexible Positions To Consider

In other words, remote jobs don’t require you to be physically present in the office, or sometimes even in the city, where your employer is located. However, some college students prefer to work a remote job, which doesn’t require you to report to a particular location to do the work. You can perform the job from anywhere with an internet connection (almost!). There are, of course, plenty of other types of jobs for college students, but these are some of the more common ones. They are all in-person jobs that you’ll likely find on or near a college campus when you may not have a car or access to reliable public transportation. College students who work online jobs need to be self-motivated, organized and good at time management.

Remote Jobs for College Students

An article from Simple Texting calculated that the average remote worker would save anywhere from $357 to $555 a year on gas by working remotely. You may have also heard of the terms “virtual worker” or “digital nomad”, which are essentially synonyms for “remote worker”. Virtual workers work entirely online and will never (or, at least, rarely) visit their company’s physical office — if there even is one. Digital nomads are remote workers who travel the globe (i.e. live nomadically) while they work online for one or more companies. Indeed, remote workers are more likely to be found in white-collar, knowledge positions such as the information sector, which includes tech, digital-publishing, and data-processing jobs.

Companies pay individuals to test their websites and apps for usability and functionality. Skills Required – Strong writing skills, creativity and research abilities. Working from home means that breaks aren’t just reserved for scrolling on your phone or chatting with a coworker. Remote workers are using their downtime to exercise, run errands, do chores, or read.